We carry the following fuel types on behalf of TotalEnergies Marketing Deutschland GmbH:




    The fuels are checked daily for dirt, water and correct density. The highest quality and safety standards of our agency partner Total ensure high-quality fuel for our customers' engines.

    For safety reasons, we are not permitted to dispense into mobile tank containers in vehicles, canisters or similar containers. containers is not permitted.



    Refuelling at the filling station is self-service. Please roll onto the concreted refuelling areas for the refuelling process and ensure that the aircraft is correctly grounded. Customers with a refuelling key can unlock the refuelling station themselves. If you do not have a refuelling key, please contact us briefly by radio and we will then activate the system from the tower. If you have any problems, we will be happy to help you via our intercom system.

    Please only use the specially designated areas for refuelling (marked with a yellow dot), so that any spilled fuel can be collected in our petrol separator and does not end up in the environment.



    We also stock the following types of oil: TOTAL Aero D 100, D 80, 100, 80, 15W50.



    We accept credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express), EC cards (from German banks) and of course cash. Payment with carnets is NOT possible.

    Landen und losfahren - app2drive

    • app2drive


      Vom Cockpit direkt in den Fahrersitz. Geht das? Appsolut! An mehr als 50 Flugplätzen und 80 Standorten in Deutschland, Österreich und Slowenien warten unsere app2drive-Fahrzeuge direkt neben dem Rollfeld auf Sie.

    • Buchen Sie jetzt

      Buchen Sie jetzt

      Mit app2drive sind Sie auch am Boden immer mobil, und haben von Ihrem Smartphone aus per App jederzeit und von überall Zugriff auf das Mietfahrzeug. 24 Stunden am Tag, ohne Warteschlange.
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