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    Operating Hours



    01 March - 31 October:

    Mon - Fri:

    08:00 - SS + 30min | max. 21:00

    Sat, Sun:

    HOL 09:00 - SS + 30min | max. 21:00

    O/T PPR.

    01 November - 28 / 29 February:

    Mon - Sun:

    09:00 - SS + 30min

    O/T PPR.



    Technical difficulties at fuel station, expect delay for refueling.


    Important note on noise protection

    In view of the increasing number of noise complaints, we would also like to take this opportunity to emphasise strict compliance with the aerodrome circuit. Avoid flying over the noise-sensitive areas of the city of Koblenz with the districts of Güls, Bisholder, Karthause, Moselweiß and Lay, as well as the villages of Winningen and Dieblich!

    Make proper flight preparations. Take a close look at our VFR visual flight map and follow the published aerodrome circuit when approaching and departing.

     You can also find detailed information on our noise protection here.


    We are looking for employees!


    Flugplatz Koblenz/Winningen GmbH is looking for a full-time Operations Manager (m/f/d) with management prospects for the Koblenz/Winningen airfield (EDRK) for the next possible date of employment. Are you interested? Then apply today!

    Complete job advert


    Current weather data

    The following weather data is automatically recorded by our weather station. The data is not verified by us and is not guaranteed. They do not replace aviation weather advice with validated data from the DWD.





    Gusts: n/a

    Direction: n/a



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    UV-index: n/a

    dew point: n/a






    rel. Airpressure


    rel. humidity: n/a


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    Landen und losfahren - app2drive

    • app2drive


      Vom Cockpit direkt in den Fahrersitz. Geht das? Appsolut! An mehr als 50 Flugplätzen und 80 Standorten in Deutschland, Österreich und Slowenien warten unsere app2drive-Fahrzeuge direkt neben dem Rollfeld auf Sie.

    • Buchen Sie jetzt

      Buchen Sie jetzt

      Mit app2drive sind Sie auch am Boden immer mobil, und haben von Ihrem Smartphone aus per App jederzeit und von überall Zugriff auf das Mietfahrzeug. 24 Stunden am Tag, ohne Warteschlange.
      Ab sofort ist immer ein Fahrzeug für Sie an unserem Platz verfügbar! Landen. Einsteigen. Appfahren.