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Willkommen... Flugplatz Koblenz-Winningen.

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The airfield is situated nearby the villages Winningen and Güls, well known for their excellent vines. Not very far from the "Deutschen Eck" in Koblenz, which is the confluence of the rivers Mosel and Rhine, you may start for sightseeing flights to discover the wonderful landscape of the "Mittelrheintal". Enjoy the World Heritage Site from the sky or vistit one of the countless castles and fortresses of this historically multifaceted region. Pilots may enjoy the extraordinary approach along the rutted river valley of the Mosel.

Journey by car

From the motorway A61...

...take exit number 38 (Koblenz-Metternich) and follow the road L52 in the direction of Koblenz. Beginning with this point the airfield is well-signposted. After leaving the road L125 take the first exit in the roundabout traffic and follow the street until it ends.

From the B416 (Mosel)...

...Beginning with Winningen the airfield is signpostet. Follow the signposting uphill, take the first exit in the roundabout traffic after leaving the road L125 and follow the street until it ends.

The access road is equipped with traffic lights in the vincinity of the final approach zone. In some cases it is nescessary to close the access road for traffic because of landing or departing aircraft. In this case the red light may last several minutes. It is strictly prohibited to disregard the red light on your own responsibility. This may cause severe accidents.


Next to the main building and the tower you will find a sufficiently large number of free parking lots. Please note that the main gate and its access road will be kept clear. Entering the airfield area without permission is prohibited.

By railway

You will find an hourly rail connection between the station in Winningen and Koblenz. For further information and the railway schedule visit the website of Deutschen Bahn.

By foot

From Winningen the airfield is within walking distance. Hiking maps are available in the main building and in  the tourist information of Winningen.

Contact us

Tower/OPS (aviation authority)
+49 (0) 2606 1030
Fax: +49 (0) 2606 348

Tel: +49 (0) 2606 822