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Willkommen... Flugplatz Koblenz-Winningen.

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Please note: The afterimages on this site are advance information for your preflight briefing. They must not be used for navigational purposes and don't substitute the official visual approach chart.

Traffic circuit

Koblenz/Winningen uses the northern AND the southern traffic circuit at the same time. Excepting gliders all powered aeroplanes (even microlights) shall to adhere to one of these traffic circuits. Use the left- or righthand downwind to enter the traffic circuit report joining on the local frequency.Platzrunde EDRK

Especially because both traffic circuits are in use it might be possible that aeroplanes will aproach the final from different base legs. Pay attention on the position reports of other airplanes and adjust your own approach to the situation sufficiently early. Good airmanship shall be practised. If it is nescessary to abort the approach don't fly into the opposite base leg! Go around by proceeding in accordance to the standard procedure and follow the traffic circuit for a new approach.

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Caution: glider activity

Especially on weekends and holidays, but occasionally at all other days, you have to expect glider traffic. Gliders uses the grass runway north of the sphalt runway. Their traffic curcuit ist located "within" the traffic circuit of the powered aeroplanes. Pay attention to approaching gliders during your own approach. Gliders will report the beginning of their approach at the so called "Position" (as tagged in the chart) with the following call: "D-XY Postiotn zur Landung 24/06 Gras".

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At weather conditions with strong wind from noth or west gliders will use hangwind in the published zones. After reaching an altitude of 1.600 ft MSL they will return to their traffic circuit for landing. Koblenz-RADIO may convey further information if required.

Do not use the grass runway without permission of the Koblenz-RADIO.

Caution: noise abatement

We ask you to support us maintaining a good relationship to the adjacent villages.

This basically means that you shall not overfly villages in the vicinity of the traffic circuit. Please adjust your approach sufficiently early and use the published visual approach charts and advance information for your preflight briefing. Espacially long finals to runway 24 and direct departures on runway 06 are prohibited.

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Percipitation radar


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Fuel prices
Effective: January 2024

AVGAS 100 LL: 2,92 €/l

SUPER PLUS: 2,47 €/l

JET A-1: 2,68 €/l

 VAT, energy tax and BEHG-tax included.
All information is subject to change.

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